Presenting Challenger Chicken!

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Do you and your friends fancy yourselves as the next Team Astralis and want an opportunity to show off your CS:GO skills, whilst raising money for SpecialEffect? Well we have the perfect solution!

We’ve joined forces with Challengermode to create a new 5v5 CS:GO tournament – Challenger Chicken: GameBlast Edition! You don’t even need to leave home to join in!

Dreamt up by the team behind Chicken for Charity – our popular PUBG fundraiser – the tournament will take place on Sunday 23rd February, starting at 10.00 GMT. 

“Chicken for Charity has been such a success that we are very excited to enter this collaboration with Challengermode to branch out and explore other avenues to raise as much awareness around SpecialEffect as we can,” said SEGA’s Charlotte Rouget-Murphy, who originally came up with the idea for Chicken for Charity.

We are now looking for up to 64 teams, including games industry companies, student societies, amateur esports organisations and any group that wants to take part! Entry is only €10 per player, with all fees being donated to SpecialEffect in support of our work helping severely disabled people to access video games.

“The team here at Challengermode have been big fans of SpecialEffect’s work for a long time. We all closely followed previous GameBlasts over the years, so we’re incredibly excited to be taking an active part this February, and hopefully for many years to come. Gamers across the board have a great track record in raising money for charity, and we believe we have built the perfect tools to engage the community and drive fundraisers in an exciting new way: through competition,” commented Philip Hübner of Challengermode.

If you want to get involved, visit the tournament page to sign up!