Diving into GameBlast

Woman standing in front of a green lit wall

While most of you will be finalising their streams and games this week, Vicky will be preparing herself for a skydive! We asked her why she’d chosen this amazing activity for her GameBlast20 challenge and for any advice she might have for anyone else thinking of doing something similar.

“I first found out about SpecialEffect when I started working for GAME three and a half years ago. Since then every year we as a store have done raffles and sold gaming related items to raise money for GameBlast the best we can.” she said.

“I’ve always wanted to do a Skydive and thought why not combine the two as a way to support a charity I really admire. I was a home carer for six and a half years and know the work they do can change someone’s life.”

“The advice I can give would be not to keep putting things off. We never know what will happen tomorrow or how our lives may suddenly change and if you can help someone else at the same time then do it.”

If you’d like to support Vicky’s skydive, head here to her JustGiving page.