“You’ve just got to roll with it!” GB20 tips from Later Levels

Head shot of two people looking at the camera

Kim of Later Levels first came across our stand way back at EGX in 2013. GameBlast seemed like a great way to put their hobby to good use and they’ve taken part every year since. This time though, they wanted to do something different and really push themselves, so they came up with their 50-day challenge.  

“At first it sounds easy,” said Kim. “but adult responsibilities (and so many batteries for our controllers) make the challenge far harder than it initially seems! In the lead-up to the official marathon weekend, we’ve been using a daily category to help plan the games to play – for example, ‘Indie Mondays’ and ‘All-Action Wednesdays’. For our 24-hour marathon at the end of February, we’re asking people to vote on the titles they want to see us play so we’ll end up with a nice mix.”

“Whether you have friends joining you in person or online for games, GameBlast is more fun when you do it as part of a team. A bit of moral support from your teammates when you’re starting to flag goes a very long way.”

“There are always technical problems you don’t expect. Test your set-up as much as possible but keep an open mind: something is bound to go wrong on the day, so you’ve just got to roll with it!”

“Give plenty of consideration to what you’re going to play. Trust me: trying to work through a point-and-click at 4am after no sleep is not a good thing. And think about how you’re going to advertise your stream. You’ve put so much hard work into preparing it, and it would be a shame for nobody to be there to cheer you on while you’re on air!”

“Finally, it can really take a lot out of you. Get plenty of sleep the week before, eat well and healthily on the day, and drink lots of water.”

Thanks Kim, great tips! And there’s still time to join in the best reason to game ever this GameBlast20!